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June LaPointe

A head and neck injury and protracted illness interrupted her vibrant and varied life as a singer-songwriter, actor, trapeze dancer, vocal coach (singing and speaking) in private practice for 23 years, and interpersonal communication teacher and learning coach who  consulted to corporations and organizations across the US. 

Luckily, June was introduced to The Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education by Ruthy Alon, senior teacher of Feldenkrais, and the originator of the Bones for Life ® program. During the workshop, Ruthy selected June to demonstrate a vital hands-on Functional Integration® lesson which resulted in a month that was free of pain – the first June had experienced in several years – and gave her a sense of hope for fuller health. 

The Feldenkrais Method and Bones for LIfe were transformational for June. With The Feldenkrais Method, she learned how to move without being in pain, and think clearly again. She also learned how to rest, calm her nervous system, and move “smarter” rather than harder.

Thanks to Bones for Life, June developed vertical stability and learned how to reliably maintain anatomical alignment. As a result, she once again became a person who could move dynamically, confidently, carry things, avoid injury and efficiently bounce back from mishaps.

June has been in private practice since 2001, offering this work to the public, specializing in seniors, musicians, actors, people concerned with bone health, and those recovering from injury.

June completed the four-year Professional Feldenkrais Training with Educational Director, Dennis Leri; Advanced Feldenkrais studies with Dennis Leri, Ruthy Alon, Larry Golfarb and Chavah Shelhav and the Sounder Sleep System® with Michael Krugman. She completed the advanced Bones for Life Training with Ruthy Alon and is certified to train Bones for Life teachers.


June LaPointe's Website:   www.junelapointe.com 



       Phone: 617.875.6041 | 19 Mystic Street, Arlington Center, Arlington, MA


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