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Human Skeleton

Bones for Life®


Intelligent Fitness • Quality Aging • Osteoporosis Prevention
Personal Ergonomics • The Body Language of Leadership


Benefits of Bones for Life
Through the simple, effective movements of the Bones For Life program, you will learn gradually and safely how to:
Reliable postural alignment -- feel taller and more easily upright
Strengthen supple dense bone -- by safely transmitting gentle pressure through the skeleton
Reduce musculo-skeletal pain -- reduce the stress of overworked or injured area by sharing the effort of moving among all the joints proportionally
• Coordinate a springy and dynamic walk
• Align your posture into safe weight-bearing uprightness 
• Develop your skill of restoring equilibrium 
• Enhance the pleasure of moving 
ExperienceBiological optimisim” -- “When moving as nature intended - harmoniously coordinated and intelligently coping with gravity - we not only strengthen our bones; we also embody a sense of dignity, confidence and joy that I call biological Optimism.” 

~ Ruthy Alon, founder of the Bones for Life program, 80 years young


A dynamic and springy walking style stimulates our organism to strengthen our bones. It is the rhythmical pulsations of lively steps that enable the blood, which carries nutrients and oxygen, to penetrate the solid tissue of the bones and provide for growth of new bone cells. A well-aligned posture and harmonious coordination of movement are essential for sustaining the springy pressure of this dynamic walk which can stimulate bone strength.

Over time, with gentle steps, we learn the alignment and integrated movement intelligence of the African Water Carrier's walk. Comparative research shows that African women, who know how to align themselves to carry massive loads on their heads with effortless grace, are one hundred times less liable to fractures than women in the West, despite the fact that their bone density is lower than that of Western women. 

Learn how to regain a springy walk and experience the “biological optimism of a reliable skeleton” in comfort and safety.

Choose a format that is best for you:
• Weekly classes
• Private movement intelligence sessions
• Weekend workshops

Professional level training is offered for students interested in becoming a Certified Bones for Life Teacher.

June LaPointe 
Certified Bones for Life Trainer
Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

Bones for Life
The Movement Intelligence of Bone Strength and Weight-Bearing Posture was developed by Ruthy Alon and is based on Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ approach to somatic learning.

For information on Bones for Life educational programs world-wide, visit our resource page.

       Phone: 617.875.6041 | 19 Mystic Street, Arlington Center, Arlington, MA


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