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Lauri Weinstein
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A Room of One’s Own
Hi, I’m Lauri Weinstein, OTR/L, GCFP, proprietor of Easy Does It Movements.  With apologies to Virgina Woolf, Easy Does It is, finally, a Therapy/ Movement studio of my own; representing the culmination of my professional journey so far.  The name, Easy Does It, also reflects an overall philosophy of gentle touch and guidance which imbue our students/clients with awareness and discovery.

We’re located in Arlington Center, just off of Mass. Ave, adjacent to the municipal lot with plenty of parking (and handicapped parking right in front!).  We have 900 square feet of comfortable space, which affords our clients (especially the younger ones) the ability to spread out, while at the same allowing us the luxury of offering small, intimate classes.

My conception of Easy Does It is as both a haven and a laboratory.  A lab, in the sense that this is part of my continuing experiment… exploring the symbiotic relationship of specific educational modalities.  A haven, in the sense that anyone with injury, illness, or unique learning styles can find refuge and hope here; all the while discovering that there are better options available.

Wide Range of Clients/Students
Our clients at Easy Does It range from adults who have injuries, strokes, cerebral palsy, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, etc. to children with a variety of learning disabilities; including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), diagnosis across the autism spectrum (including Asperger Syndrome), and issues related to fine and gross motor coordination.

In all cases, clinical assessments are made, and therapy begins with very defined short and long term goals.  Some of the positive outcomes include a greater range of motion, decreased pain, strengthened bone density, better balance, enhanced performance, increased awareness and improved function in all daily activities.

The 3 Hidden Senses
My work or services are in Occupational Therapy, Listening Fitness® and Feldenkrais Method®, which directly relate to the proprioceptive, kinesthetic, and vestibular systems; often referred to as the 3 hidden senses.   All of the modalities offered at Easy Does It open up new pathways that present new opportunities for learning, often enabling those who are unable to receive knowledge in more traditional ways.   We’re all familiar with  the well known 5 senses relating to touching, tasting, hearing, smelling and seeing.  But there are also hidden, less known about senses relating to our sense of body space (proprioceptive), sense of time and movement through space (kinesthetic) and sense of equilibrium and balance (vestibular).  While Occupational Therapy encompasses all 3 of these hidden senses, both LiFT Listening Fitness (vestibular) and Feldenkrais Method (proprioceptive/kinesthetic) reinforce and strengthen that work on a quantum level.  

Thanks & May All Your Moves Be Easy,

       Phone: 617.875.6041 | 19 Mystic Street, Arlington Center, Arlington, MA


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