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Client Testimonials
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Lauri Weinstein

"Lauri Weinstein worked with my six year old kindergartner for half a year.  Not only are her methods very effective, but she is patient, kind and loving.  It was an absolute pleasure to deal with her on all levels."
Winchester, MA

“It was a pleasure working with Lauri.  Kind, thoughtful, professional, competent, creative, fun are some of the words that come to mind.  She took genuine interest in my son.  He enjoyed working with her too!”
Lincoln, MA

“Lauri's patience, motivation and knowledge has been crucial in turning our child, who is very difficult to engage and manage, into an active participant in her therapy sessions. Lauri is flexible in understanding the particular needs of the individual whom she is working with, without compromising the subject of her therapy sessions. We are very pleased with the results of her work.”
Tere Dunne
Wellesley, MA

“As a 57 y/o male with the need to manage a neurological movement disorder that affects my left side, I was referred to Lauri Weinstein two years ago. After more than six months of weekly Feldenkrais lessons I learned an incredible amount about how my body moves, and about alternatives I never imagined. The result is that I have enough knowledge to manage my symptoms, and I was able to transition immediately to a yoga practice that deepened the lessons Lauri taught me. I am deeply grateful.”
Bill Donahue
Manchester, NH

“My daughter has right Hemiplegia and has been working with Lauri for about a year and a half.  She has been wonderful and helpful.”
Lexington, MA

“Not only does Lauri know her Feldenkrais well, in both class and one-on-one settings, but she also creates a very pleasant environment in which to learn.”
Salem, MA

“Our son suffered a severe cardiac arrest and lost the ability to walk and talk clearly.  For the past 5 months he has had Feldenkrais lessons twice a week.  His speech and posture improved after receiving just two Feldenkrais sessions. Today he can walk and he continues to make steady gains.”
Kathy & Jim Milmoe
Dedham, MA

“I’ve tried so many different types of therapies to relieve my aches and pains, and I always end up feeling that they just gave me a fish.  Which is great, but then I’m hungry the next day.  Lauri actually teaches me how to fish; making me part of the process and the solution.  That’s very empowering.  I’d recommend Easy Does It to anyone looking for positive change that’s going to stick.”
William Kerrigan
East Boston, MA



June LaPointe

"After a private session and a series of weekly classes, my balance and flexibility are improved, my knee buckling has almost disappeared, I am able to walk with no pain for at least two miles or more and my right toe and knee are aligned without my consciously thinking about it."
Alba, Somerville, MA

"June LaPointe's knowledge, experience, attentive observations, and most importantly, her healing/therapeutic touch works in a way that has provided me with immediate relief as well as longer term strategies to overcoming persistent physical ailments."
Andrea Chitouras
bass player & business project strategist

"I just returned home from a pain-free, two-mile walk on terrain that as recently as two days ago caused me to fear that I was a candidate for knee surgery. Following a "spill" that resulted in a dislocated left fibula, I remained wobbly and unable to walk briskly, let alone run  - even after six months of twice-weekly rehab plus several months of follow-on.  And yet, today, for the first time in a year, I was undaunted by hills and uneven terrain. I even forgot myself and simply enjoyed the blessing of being outdoors. How did this come about? Schedule an appointment with June, and you'll find out. Clearly, she has a grasp of the body miraculous. Upon observing my predicament, she taught me a simple, 10-minute exercise so that now I can practice a little miracle of my own. Thanks a million, June."
E. Chapman
organizational development consultant

"June is a masterful teacher.  She is sensitive, listens and responds with great care and integrity and creates a safe and comfortable learning environment. She honors students' inherent body wisdom and supports and encourages the exploration of this knowledge to inform our growth and progress. Drawing from her extensive training, she is able to suggest unique solutions to the particular needs of each student."

"I just love the way June teaches. She is always open to our questions and explains the meaning of each movement which is very important. She gives us lessons so we can do them at home. I look forward to her class every week. Thank you, June". 
Yumi Quinn, Belmont, MA

"I find June to be an excellent teacher. She is organized in her presentations and facilitates lessons in a manner which meets the needs of the students as a group while honoring the abilities of each individual student. June respectfully challenges and encourages each student to do her/his best while ensuring a safe environment."  
Elish McPartland
Waltham, MA

"June is a very compassionate teacher who takes each individual's needs into account in her classes. In my work with June, I've developed a greater awareness of my movements.  I'm on the way to regaining my optimal alignment and avoiding repetitive injuries."
Rebecca Jenkins
Somerville, MA

       Phone: 617.875.6041 | 19 Mystic Street, Arlington Center, Arlington, MA


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