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Early last year in January, we had begun the preparation and planning for our 10 year anniversary, complete with a host of wonderful events, all taking place throughout April of 2020. Alas, the world had other plans. And so we adapt! After all, adaptation is an integral part of the credo of Occupational Therapy, The Feldenkrais Method and Listening Fitness.

Therefore, after more than 11 years, we bid a fond adieu to 19 Mystic Street In Arlington. Please know that it was a privilege to serve the community, and I am honored to have worked with, and learn from, each and every one of you.

Easy Does It Movements, however, continues its ongoing mission to improve the function of everyday living. And while the business is presently virtual, I am looking forward to seeing you all in person as soon as possible. In the meantime, check back here soon, as more details will be forthcoming.

For those folks in and around the Arlington area, we are thrilled that the spirit of Easy Does IT lives on. “The Moving Center” (at 19 Mystic Street) is the brainchild of Feldenkrais Practitioner extraordinaire, Matty Wilkinson, and ensures the continuation of somatic education.

In all cases, clinical assessments are made, and therapy begins with very defined short and long term goals. Some of the positive outcomes include a greater range of motion, decreased pain, strengthened bone density, better balance, enhanced performance, increased awareness and improved function in all daily activities.

The 3 Hidden Senses
My work or services are in Occupational Therapy, Listening Fitness® and Feldenkrais Method®, which directly relate to the proprioceptive, kinesthetic, and vestibular systems; often referred to as the 3 hidden senses. All of the modalities offered at Easy Does It open up new pathways that present new opportunities for learning, often enabling those who are unable to receive knowledge in more traditional ways. We’re all familiar with the well known 5 senses relating to touching, tasting, hearing, smelling and seeing. But there are also hidden, less known about senses relating to our sense of body space (proprioceptive), sense of time and movement through space (kinesthetic) and sense of equilibrium and balance (vestibular). While Occupational Therapy encompasses all 3 of these hidden senses, both LiFT Listening Fitness (vestibular) and Feldenkrais Method (proprioceptive/kinesthetic) reinforce and strengthen that work on a quantum level.

Thanks & May All Your Moves Be Easy,

       Phone: 617.875.6041 | 19 Mystic Street, Arlington Center, Arlington, MA


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