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Previous Announcements, Workshops & Special Events

Yes, we have been open since January 1, but it’s taken some time for us to spruce up the place.  We’re very excited about our brand new space and the work we’ve done to bring it to you.  Please bring the whole family and meet the teachers, cuz’ we’re ~having a party…party~on Sunday, May 2nd from 11.30am to 6.30pm.  There will be hors d’oeuvres, refreshments, demonstrations, discussions and much more! For a complete schedule of the day's events, please click here

Aside from our Grand Opening, the month of May includes Feldenkrais Week (May 1st to 9th), which celebrates the man (Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc), his work, and its ongoing evolution.  Easy Does It is marking the occasion by offering FREE Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes all week long. For complete details click here.

Easy Gardening:  Planting the seeds of stability & flexibility
6-week Awareness Through Movement® series. Each class will guide you through gentle movements that will make raking, digging and planting easier.  Learn simple, effective and effortless ways to ease your muscles and protect your joints.  Improve the use of your whole self when digging, twisting, bending and lifting. 

Cost:  $90/6 week series.  Drop in $20/class
Where:  Easy Does It Movements
            19 Mystic Street,
            Arlington, MA
When:  Saturday’s  10:00-11:00 a.m.    
Dates:  May 1, 8, 15, June 5, 12, 19                   
Who:  Lauri Weinstein, OTR/L, GCFP
To register, contact Lauri or call p:617.875.6041

Mom's Special: Bones for Life® Tea Party & Class
Sunday, May 16  from 1-3:30pm
$15 for two / $10 for one

Spend some quality time with a mom or someone you love!

Give yourself a treat and learn some new tricks to strengthen your bones, align your spine, relieve aches and pains, and improve your balance with safe, gentle movements you can do at home in a chair, near a wall, on your bed or on a mat on the floor, at the kitchen counter or in your car. Then have your own tea party with friends and share some of the simple and effective movements you’ve learned for promoting strong healthy bones.

Treats will be served, including a delicious "Bone strengthening" tea and yummy calcium rich sesame cookies!

Class taught by Bones for Life® Trainer, June LaPointe with hosting help from her mom, Alice and Fez Foods Catering.

For more information and to register for class, contact June or call p:617.3351317

Why a tea party?
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Over a decade ago on my mom’s seventieth birthday I asked her to share some of her wisdom about how she created community in her life. She thought a moment and said simply, “With a cup of tea.”  

I smiled, “Of course,” thinking back to the cups of tea she had quietly poured for her neighbors over the fifty four years she has lived in her neighborhood in a ritual that invited sharing, learning, and personal revelation that writer Alice Munro could turn into “gossip informed by genius.” The neighbors unburdened themselves, laughed at absurdities and my mother listened and poured another cup. She is the last of her generation on the street and she is still pouring tea for younger visitors, grand nieces and nephews and my own childhood friends who wind their way to my mother’s house, seeking her out more so than they do me.

I tell people my mother’s intelligence is in her kindness. She is truly a kind person. Not saccharine sweet, but smart enough to know how to be kind in the smallest and largest of life’s difficult moments. With her longstanding simple kind offering of a cup of tea in mind, I welcome you and yours to come sit at our table, drink a cup and learn how to be kind to your bones. And of course, meet my mom.

~ June LaPointe, Bones for Life® Trainer

Nutrition for Healthy Bones with Bones for Life® Class
Tuesday, May 25, 2010  7:30 - 9:00 PM  $15 pre-registered
with June LaPointe, GCFP, Certified Bones for Life® Trainer 
Eric Reardon, MS, Certified Nutrition Consultant

In this nutrition presentation and movement intelligence class we offer a powerful combination to help you naturally maintain and create strong healthy supple bones to last a lifetime. 

Confused about calcium? With nutritionist, Eric Reardon you will learn about smart food choices and nutritional supplements for bone wellness. 

Not sure how to move with safety and awareness? With Bones for Life® Trainer, June LaPointe, you will learn how to use a chair, a wall, the floor, and a strip of cloth to align your joints. Choosing from over 200 Bones for Life lessons June will show you how to safely stream gentle rhythmical pressure through your skeleton to support bone strength, reduce aches and pains and improve balance. You will discover a short cut to an easy upright posture in sitting, standing and walking. 

When we move harmoniously, as nature intended, we experience a personal sense of joyful possibility that we call “biological optimism.” 

Workshops & Master Class for Musicians: Enhance Your Practice and Performance with the Feldenkrais Method®

Express Yourself: Stand Up & Sing!
Saturday, May 1, 2010 from 1.00-3.30pm
$25 ($10 with student ID)

Love to sing, but want to feel more freedom and ease in standing and presenting yourself with power and dignity?
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With exquisite self care and comfort, we will explore breathing and postural alignment lessons from Bones for Life® and the Feldenkrais Method to enhance the pleasure of your daily vocal practice and tap the potential of your peak performance.

• Discover a shortcut to standing in easy uprightness.
• Breathe with ease and efficiency to support your authentic sound.
• Increase body awareness and release tension and strain to prevent injury.

Feldenkrais Practitioner and Bones for Life Trainer, June LaPointe, is a voice coach, musician and actor who brings 30 years of experience as a performer and somatic education coach to her practice of helping people move and express themselves with greater fluency, power, authenticity and ease.

Nimble Hands for Action & Expression
Tuesday, May 4, 2010 7.00-9.00pm
$20 ($10 with student ID)

Yes! There is an easier way to improve your chops!

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These Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons will show you how your hands depend on the rest of your body for their efficiency, helping you tap into a freedom of breath and movement that will improve the experience of music making for both you and your audience.

• Develop a richer, more expressive sound.
• Improve speed and agility with comfort and ease.
• Increase body awareness and release tension and strain to prevent injury.

Josh Schreiber Shalem has been a student of the Feldenkrais Method since 1997 when chronic tendonitis forced him to stop playing the cello. Once again an active musician with an MM from the Longy School Music in viola da gamba, Josh takes great joy in sharing what he has learned with musicians and anyone else who would like to overcome obstacles and realize their potential.

Master Class for Performing Artists with June LaPointe & Josh Schreiber Shalem
Saturday May 8, 2010 from 3.00-6.00pm $10

Participate and witness how small but powerful changes can improve your playing, singing and expression. Connect with self and audience, remove interference to perform with ease.

Nutrition Classes
3 Classes with Special Guest Instructor Eric Reardon, MS, Certified Nutrition Consultant
(for more info on eric and nutrition, click here)
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Nutrition for Healthy Bones

Are you looking to improve your bone and joint health? Osteoporosis, bone and joint problems impact a large segment of the population and their quality of life.

  • Learn the importance of balancing ph levels for strong bones
  • The best foods to support bone and joint health
  • The importance of an anti-inflammatory diet
  • Calcium rich foods that are easy to absorb
  • The most important nutrients for bone health including calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and more
  • Example of an excellent bone support supplement
  • The best forms of calcium for proper absorption
  • The problem with many store bought calcium supplements and how to know which products are worth the money

Monday Sep. 13
Time: 6:30-7:15
Cost: $10
Instructor: Eric Reardon MS, CNC

Space is limited.  To register for any of these classes, please call p:617/875.6040.

Nutritional Solutions for ADD/ADHD
Learn how nutritional therapies can help those with ADD/ADHD

Topics Include:

  • The importance of regulating blood sugar levels for improved attention and focus
  • The connection between food allergies and ADD/ADHD
  • Foods to omit from the diet and the problem with artificial colorings and flavorings
  • How neurotransmitter imbalances affect attention and focus
  • Testing options
  • The most important supplements to help attention and focus
  • The importance of omega-3 fatty acids and their role in improving behavior

Monday Sep. 20
Time: 6:30-7:15
Cost: $10
Instructor: Eric Reardon MS, CNC

Space is limited.  To register for any of these classes, please call p:617/875.6040.

Nutrition for Sound Sleep

Are you looking to fall asleep easier?   Stay asleep through the night?   Do you wake up in the middle of the night?

Learn how nutrition can improve sleep:                                                                      

  • How imbalanced stress hormones affect sleep
  • Importance of healthy adrenal gland function for sound sleep
  • Importance of balanced serotonin levels for sleep
  • Natural solutions to increase serotonin levels
  • How to asses stress hormone and serotonin levels
  • Best herbal and vitamin/mineral supplements to support a healthy  nervous system

Monday Sep. 27
Time: 6:30-7:15
Cost: $10 Instructor:
Eric Reardon MS, CNC

Fall Cleanse
Increase energy – Lose weight
Reduce pain and inflammation

Discover how to rid your body of Toxins!

  • This 3 week guided workshop teaches you how to effectively and safely cleanse your body for better health
  • Learn the connection between toxicity and chronic disease
  • Understand the concept of "Total Load" and what contributes to it
  • Learn what foods to eat, what foods to omit and supplements to take that enhance the detoxification process

Mondays Oct. 4, 11, & 18
Cost: $75.00
Time: 6:15-7:15
Instructor: Eric Reardon MS, CNC

Space is limited.  To register for any of these classes, please call p:617/875.6040.


Unwinding Wound Up Kids and Wakeful Babies Using Neurologically-based Practical Methods.
Instructor: Lauri Weinstein
Learn how to recognize what sensory experiences wind children up, and learn how to plan easy games that calm them back down.  In this session, participants will learn how to modify the environment for relaxation and sleep, and explore sensory diet games used to improve focus and attention. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010
Time: TBD
Location: MIT

For more info, click here.


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       Phone: 617.875.6041 | 19 Mystic Street, Arlington Center, Arlington, MA


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